PHOTOGRAPHY: Time Travel by Davis Ayer

Brilliantly exposed and projected vintage images on the naked human form.

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Illustrations Of Animals With Human Characteristics by Zarnala

Digital artist Kim Nguyen aka Zarnala has an amazing illustration series titled ‘Anthro’ and ‘Anthro II’ featuring stylish animals with human characteristics. In her illustrations, a jaguar transforms into a rockstar, suited monkeys and dogs turn into gun-toting gangsters, a fox preens as a demure geisha, and a bull terrier engages in a spot of baseball, all rendered with their own unique personalities and forms.

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This is my piece for the exhibition “6 Degrees" at Light Grey Art Lab

The exhibition opens on December 6th but you can purchase limited edition postcards and glicee prints HERE or directly this piece HERE

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kvetchlandia: Annie Leibovitz     Photographer William Wegman with Fay Ray     1988

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Study for “Morning in a City”, 1944, Edward Hopper.

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The Poor PoetCarl Spitzweg, 1839

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De Stijl: The other face of tradition, written by Brian Housden, 1968. In: Design #231. Informative and interesting british approach, read here.

No surprise, that Housden was inspired by dutch design and architecture, when creating his own London home in the sixties.

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Marcin Bialas (b. 1977, Zawiercie, Poland)   Traditional Intaglio Print 

(Source: behance.net)

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 Incredible Photorrealistic Illustrations by Kei Meguro

Artist on Tumblr Behance| Facebook| Instagram

Kei Meguro is a Japanese graphic designer and illustrator who specialization in typography, packaging design and illustration. She starts off her illustrations with a rough sketch and then adds detail using graphite and black/white pencils, some of her portraits are also created in programmes such as photoshop. Kei’s sketches take from 3-10 hours to complete, and she sells some of her work on Society6

"For my ink drawings I use Sakura Micron pens, all different thicknesses- from 005 to 08. Other than that, I stick to graphite + black/white pencils and also drawing digitally on photoshop… First I sketch and get the basic details with pencil- i also build a base with graphite (mostly just shadows). Then I scan my work in and edit digitally:) I’m Japanese but live in New York right now."

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Sébastien DEL GROSSO

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art - this is incredible -